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Discover Emily M Morgan’s future releases here, along with other great upcoming resources for parents and carers.



Non Fiction 

The Single Parents Little Helper is packed full of stories, memories, tips and advice from single parents around the world. Delve into the crazy, stressful, joyous, up-and-down world of the single parent and discover that no matter what your situation, you are not alone. Available in 2016.

Parents in the Know: The Informative Episodes: A new collection of the most informative episodes from our popular podcast. Discover again the benefits and risks of co-sleeping, how to get rid of headlice, whether or not to allow your child to use a pacifier and much, much more. Coming in 2017.

Bilingual Babies: Want to know more about the amazing families raising their children to speak two or more languages fluently? Read interviews from parents and children in the thick of it, plus scientific information and views from the experts in this new book for our global modern families. Coming in 2017.



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