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Books For Sale

See below for a list of Emily’s books which are available now – just click on the image or title to buy from Amazon or Book Depository. Print and ebooks are also available to buy from all your favorite bookshops online, and print books can be ordered from your local bookstore, so check out the information as new titles are released on this page!

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The Informed Parent: Applying Evidence-Based Thinking to Your Parenting Journey

Do you like to be fully informed, with all the facts, before you make those big parenting decisions? Sometimes it can be hard to decide who is worth listening to and what is worth believing. Informed Parenting is not another parenting method, but a way of filtering out all the noise to get to the heart of what’s important. I’m not going to tell you how to raise your child. But I am going to show you how to question, how to analyse and how to seek the truth.

Buy it at Book Depository, postage free: The Informed Parent


Parent or Visitor? YOU Decide: Helping Long Distance Parents to Build Closer Connections with Their Families


Are you a long distance parent? Do you work in the military, on a mine site or consulting in another country while your family stays back home? How can you maintain those vital connections with your children and partner? Skype can only get you so far and by the time you get back home for good, your kids may not longer be waiting for you. This book is packed full of activities and tips to help you stay close and engaged with your family, no matter how far you are.

Journals For Parents and Grandparents

A new four-part journal series for new parents and grandparents. Designed to fit comfortably in a handbag or purse, this little book will help you to collect and cherish those thoughts, feelings, wishes and dreams for your new child or grandchild.

The arrival of a baby is a significant time in everyone’s life and it is a good opportunity to reflect on your own life and consider how you might affect and nurture the new life that has come to you.

Perfect Christmas or baby shower gifts or keepsakes for yourself, the Wishes Journal series will encourage and inspire you.


Wishes for My Grandchild: A Journal (Wishes Journal Series)

Buy it at Book Depository: Wishes for My Grandchild

Wishes for My Child: A Journal (Wishes Journal Series)

Buy it at Book Depository: Wishes for My Child

Wishes for My Son: A Journal (Wishes Journal Series)

Buy it at Book Depository: Wishes for My Son

Wishes for My Daughter: A Journal (Wishes Journal Series)

Buy it at Book Depository: Wishes for My Daughter


Coloring Journals for Busy Working Parents

A new six-part coloring journal series to inspire and motivate you in your daily life.

Parents are constantly on the go – and it can be just another chore to try to complete the complex colouring pages in many of the beautiful colouring books out there.

Still, parents know better than most how satisfying it can be to take a little time out from their busy lives to sit, colour, and reflect on the day. I have created this set of colouring journals for you, busy parents.

With fun, not-too-complex colouring pages, interspersed with writing prompts to get you thinking about your dreams, goals, past, present and future, these colouring journals will help you get away from stress and bring some much needed clarity to your life.

Available on Amazon just click the image or title name to purchase from Amazon.


Focus: A Coloring Journal (Coloring Journal Series)


Inspire: A Coloring Journal (The Coloring Journal Series)


Reflect: A Coloring Journal (The Coloring Journal Series)


Persist: A Coloring Journal (The Coloring Journal Series)


Motivate: A Coloring Journal (The Coloring Journal Series)


Create: A Coloring Journal (The Coloring Journal Series)





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