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Our Book Store brings you the available and upcoming titles from the creators of the Parent Resource Centre plus other awesome products for discerning and informed parents. If you know of a book which has made your parenting journey that much easier, or perhaps a book that has helped you in other aspects of your life, please let us know about it! We’ll post your review plus a link to buy the book.


Check out our Books Coming Soon page for more information on upcoming releases from the founders of the Parent Resource Centre.


Our Gift Shop, powered by Cafepress, features some beautiful designs and gifts for parents and kids. Check out our range of clothing, accessories and gift items and choose something meaningful, inspiring and uplifting for your loved one!



Let us know what you think of the designs and if you have a great design you’d like to see us feature, get in touch! We love to support parents in as many ways as we can.


Happy shopping!




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