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Secrets of Our Earth: A Shine-A-Light Book – Book Review

Secrets of Our Earth

An early science picture book, written by Carron Brown, illustrated by Wesley Robins and published by Ivy Kids.
Also available from Book Depository: Secrets of Our Earth


The Book

This book is a non-fiction picture book for 3-6 year olds. It introduces children to the concept of the Earth and its many environments. It also teaches children that there is more to the Earth than meets the eye. Using a torch or light behind the page, children can see what’s hiding beneath the visible surface of the Earth, the water and the clouds and rain in mountainous areas.

The book introduces children to the concept of the Earth in space and its relation to the sun, showing how the sun rises and sets by moving above or below the horizon. It includes information about the hot interior of the Earth, as well as grasslands, the North and South polar regions, mountains, rainforests, volcanoes, oceans and coasts, rivers, storms and wind, cities and towns, and deserts.

The Pros:

It isn’t often that a new book, especially a non-fiction one, causes my five year old to go, ‘Wow, this is awesome!’ quite spontaneously. This book did the trick.

The information is so simple and so informative at the same time, I am truly in awe of the author’s ability with words. A couple of simple sentences plus the fabulous yet simple illustrations provide a wonderful introduction to areas of science including natural history, climatology, geology, astronomy and biology. The clarity and simplicity of the book means that each page gives us so much important information, a great launch pad for more learning, discoveries and discussions.

The fact that kids get to interact with the book by first guessing what might be hidden and then revealing it in torchlight is a huge plus – it gets them really excited to discover more, and helps them see that they, too, can participate in new discoveries and learning.

The Cons:

Regarding content: none. It’s a fabulous book. Regarding structure: only one: it would be a difficult book to read to a group or a class, and still get the full effect. This is a book best suited for one on one reading time when the child can snuggle up close and reach behind the page with their torch to reveal each secret.

Our Rating (channelling our love of ice cream, our rating system works the way we like our ice cream: the more scoops the better. Besides, good books should be devoured!

Best = four scoops):

four scoops icecream

Four scoops! Can’t talk, busy eating!



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