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Parents in the Know Podcast Episode 11 – Interview Special with David White on Childhood Obesity

Parents in the Know


Interview Special – David White on Childhood Obesity

This is the 11th episode of my podcast for parents and families who want to be in the know about major parenting concerns and issues. Today,  we have a special episode from our interview series.  An Interview Special with David White on Childhood Obesity is the topic under discussion today.

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Show Notes

Today on Parents in the Know, we’re veering away from our usual format as I am very lucky to have a special guest to talk to us. David White is the founder of the Authentic Wellness Movement.

He has a great website at authenticwellnesmovement.com where you can find out heaps more about it. David believes that no one person, organization or profession owns your health, but that health lies in the DNA and innate wisdom of the person who is trying to get healthy. He is a firm believer that the best health practitioners TEACH people how to become their own best doctors.

David has been in the fitness industry since 2008. He’s competed in cycling overseas and in cross fit as well, and aside from his blogging and regular podcasting on Authentic Wellness, he also works as a lifestyle coach and physical rehabilitation coach. According to his website, he believes in open and transparent communication about health issues and in only teaching lifestyle habits that have been tried, tested and proven, rather than simply being popular or trendy.

To find out more, go to authenticwellnessmovement.com and make sure to register here to watch the Childhood Obesity Project. You can watch it for free from October 12-19, or you can buy a Lifetime Access pass to watch it anytime for $79 USD – and this price gets you a heap of bonus content as well – by clicking here and following the prompts. Now just to be clear, if you do purchase the Lifetime Access pass, from listening to this podcast and clicking on the link listed here, I will receive half of that price. But remember, you can access the talk for those seven days absolutely free.

In the next episode of Parents in the Know we will have a look at a much maligned and much adored technique: controlled crying. What it is? What it does? The benefits and negatives, Controlled Crying is out topic next time on Parents in the Know.




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