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Parents in the Know Podcast Episode 25 – Baby Signing

Parents in the Know Podcast


Baby Signing

This is the 25th  episode of my podcast for parents and families who want to be in the know about major parenting concerns and issues. Baby Signing is the topic under discussion today.

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Show Notes

Welcome to Parents in the Know with Emily M Morgan. Today we’re going to explore the topic of Baby Signing. Baby signing is when an adult teaches a form of sign language to a hearing, but not yet verbal, baby, in order to foster two way communication. We’ll take a look at how it’s done, why it’s done and what impacts and benefits it might have. Baby signing is our topic, today on Parents in the Know.

Baby signing has been used in one form or another for decades, by professionals in the speech and language area, in order to help children who are delayed in one way or another. It is only in recent years that the concept of baby signing has become more popular amongst the non scientific population, and as a result, more and more products and services have popped up to meet the demand for knowledge and resources.

Gestures and sign are an innate form of human communication. Babies who have never been taught sign still use gesture – think of a baby holding his arms up to you to be picked up, pointing at something or waving bye bye. Adults also use gestures instinctively when trying to clarify or emphasize a point. Research has shown that language and gesture are interlinked in human brain activity, so it is not too much of a leap to direct that instinctive behaviour in babies and develop it.

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Next week we have a great interview with Michelle Lee, a coach who works with teens and their parents to find their passions, sort out their anxieties and guide them through school and towards successful and fulfilling careers. Find out about her work, common problems she sees in families with teens and ways you can work with your teen to build trust and engagement. My interview with Michelle Lee is coming up next week on Parents in the Know.




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