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Parents in the Know Podcast Episode 20: An Interview Special with Sharon Earl and Lyn Woolley – Childcare from the Inside

Parents in the Know Podcast


Childcare From The Inside

This is the 20th episode of my podcast for parents and families who want to be in the know about major parenting concerns and issues. Today,  we have another special episode from our interview series. Childcare from the Inside is the topic under discussion today.

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Show Notes

Today on Parents in the Know, we have another special episode from our interview series. This time we’re talking to two child education professionals, Sharon Earl, who is a Family Day Carer, and Lyn Woolley, who manages The Stuart Street Child Care Centre in Launceston, Tasmania.

I wanted to hear their perspectives about caring for children and working with families. From engaging with challenging children and families, to the joys of seeing children blossom and develop new skills and confidence, child care is a profession that requires the energy of an elite sportsperson, the diplomacy skills of a foreign minister, the dedication of a scientist and the efficiency of a high level personal assistant. The hours are long and unrelenting – and yet, childcare workers are generally paid less than teachers and far less than doctors, despite their role as major influencers and educators to our young children.

If you know of an excellent carer, or child educator, don’t forget to show your appreciation by nominating them for the Family Day Care Excellence Awards or Child Care Excellence Awards. Links are in the show notes.

Next week on Parents In The Know, we’ll return to our usual format and explore the concept of resilience:  When life throws us setbacks, failures or curve balls of any kind resilience is what makes us get up, shake it off and keep on trying.  Children need to learn resilience to cope with everyday problems such as disappointments, unpleasant surprises and accidents, and also so that they can take that good mindset into school and adulthood.  Resilience:  What it is, how to learn it, and how to teach it to our kids, next week on Parents In The Know.


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