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Parents in the Know Podcast Episode 15 – Vaccinations

Parents in the Know



This is the 15th episode of my podcast for parents and families who want to be in the know about major parenting concerns and issues. Vaccinations is the topic under discussion today.

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Show Notes

Today on Parents in the Know, we explore the facts about childhood (and adult) vaccinations.

Vaccinations – What’s the real story? Are they good for you? Bad for you? What effects do they have on individuals and on society in general? Can they really cause autism? We’ll look at some of the rumours and misinformation which regularly circulates around, and we’ll get a better idea of the facts, to help you as parents make the right decisions for your family.

Vaccinations are where you introduce a dead or modified version of a particular virus or sometimes bacteria, such as the measles or polio virus or the whooping cough bacteria, into a person’s body. The body recognizes the disease without actually becoming sick with it, and creates antibodies to fight it. Antibodies are custom-designed illness fighters. You need different antibodies for every single different virus or bacteria. Once your body has created these fighters, they stick around sometimes forever. That means that you are protected from catching that particular illness, or at least, from catching a serious case.

In the next episode of Parents in the Know we will have a look at some slightly bigger critters – the ones that live in your hair! Nits, lice and everything nice, next time on Parents in the Know.

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Would you like to know more about vaccines in a short, concise form? Take a look at this short SlideShare presentation on the subject. It’s part 1 of 2!

Vaccines – the Basics from Emily M Morgan



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