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Parents in the Know Podcast Episode 12 – Controlled Crying

Parents in the Know


Controlled Crying

This is the 12th episode of my podcast for parents and families who want to be in the know about major parenting concerns and issues. Today’s podcast episode returns us to our usual format. An informational podcast on a topic of importance and much concern to parents, this episode talks about a popular technique for sleep training babies: Controlled Crying.

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Show Notes

Learn more about the science and opinion behind Controlled Crying. We look at what it is, how it is used and why. Learn about the pros and the cons and the science behind the theories.

Controlled Crying is a popular technique. However, it comes in many forms. The research on whether it has good or bad overall effects is still patchy. Listen in and explore the issues. Find out about the tentative conclusions. Hear me compare the different styles and discuss what information science can provide – and get informed on this important parenting issue.

In the next episode of Parents in the Know, I will tell you a bit more about my own story. Despite all my hoping and dreaming and my miraculous conception of my first child, pregnancy for me was more a nightmare than a dream come true. Find out more about this part of my parenting journey next week, on Parents in the Know.

Thanks for listening.


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