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Parents in the Know Podcast Episode 1 – Co-Sleeping with Infants

Parents in the Know Podcast

Co-sleeping with Infants

Welcome to the very first episode of my podcast for parents who want to be in the know about major parenting concerns and issues. Co-sleeping with infants is the topic under discussion today.

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A word from Emily M Morgan

3rd April, 2017

Hi amazing parents and carers! Mia Manuel from ABC Kids Inc got in touch with me recently and wondered if I would share this article with you – it’s a very good overview of co-sleeping, and you’ll see a lot of cross-over in this article and the content on this podcast episode. Enjoy! Co-Sleeping With Baby.


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Show Notes

Emily M Morgan with you and today on Parents in the Know, we’re investigating co-sleeping with infants. Co-sleeping is when you and/or your partner, share a bed with your child. Co-sleeping with babies gets the most attention due to the stories of infant deaths and we’ll look at this in more detail today. However it is also possible and (as some parents will agree) highly likely that you could find yourself co-sleeping with your older children, well into their primary years. We’ll cover that scenario in another episode of this podcast.

Today we’re going to look at co-sleeping with infants. Co-sleeping means different things to different people. It may mean sleeping anywhere, a couch, a bed, a chair, with your baby in your arms. It may mean sleeping in bed with your partner and your baby all sharing the same space. Or it may mean sleeping with your baby in its own bassinet within arm’s reach of you in your bed.

There are plenty of websites, blogs and advice arenas which tell you about the benefits of co-sleeping (increased sleep for you, faster access to breastfeeding for the baby, increased bonding, to name three) and these resources also provide advice on how to do it safely. But it seems that the benefits are often emphasized over the risks. Or perhaps people are so used to hearing about how to make sure your baby is safe in bed (thanks to years of campaigning about SIDS) that we’ve become a bit blasé, the way we feel about those safety announcements on planes. “Yeah, yeah, we know,” we say, not really listening. But would we know how to respond in an airplane emergency? And do we really know what is safe for our babies and what isn’t?

In the next episode of Parents in the Know, we’ll explore a policy change which is having a significant positive effect on the health of children in the UK and soon, I hope, across the world. Umbilical cords and when to clamp them – next time on Parents in the Know.

Thanks for listening.


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