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Parents in the Know Episode 43 – A New Look

Parents in the Know Podcast


Parents in the Know is Getting a Whole New Look!

Welcome to episode 43 of Parents in the Know. We have given you information episodes on issues that many parents wonder about, including vaccinations, controlled crying, dummy use and smacking. We have given you amazing interviews with professionals who work with parents, families and kids, allowing you a glimpse into a world of support specifically for parents.

But what we love most of all is you – parents and carers. And what I love most of all is hearing your stories, your ups and downs, empathizing with your mistakes and celebrating your successes.

That’s why Parents in the Know is changing its look. From now on, every week, I will bring you an interview with a parent just like you. Someone who doesn’t know it all. Someone who gets lost sometimes. Someone who shouts ‘Yes!‘ in their head every now and then when they realise they’ve got something just right.

The parents we’ll be interviewing will come from around the world. They’ll be older or younger, single or partnered, working or staying at home. They’ll have twins, all boys, all girls, a few of each. They’ll be in step families, divorced families and gay families. And each one of them is opening up their soul to you – sharing their hopes and fears, worries and mistakes, judgements, assumptions, joys and surprises.

So please join us and discover a world of parents just like you out there.

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