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We love to hear from parents, professionals and anyone who can contribute to a great and meaningful conversation about parenting!

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If you have a question to ask, a request for information or other resources that we could provide, a story idea to submit, or you just want to say hallo, get in touch, we LOVE talking with parents!


If you have knowledge, experience and expertise to offer our parents, please get in touch! We are always on the lookout for great articles on topics of importance to parents. We also offer opportunities to network with other parenting professionals of all kinds, and opportunities to share knowledge of what you have to offer through:

  • Interviews on the podcast and for the members’ zone
  • Ask the Expert events on our Facebook members’ group
  • Collaboration on e-courses and online events and
  • Through membership in our directory of resources for parents.


If you have a product or service which might be of interest to our readers and members, please get in touch. We can provide various opportunities including:

  • Listing your business on our Directory of Services where our parent community can find you when they need your particular expertise
  • Requesting our members to Review your products
  • Featuring your products in Sponsored Posts
  • You can sponsor a Facebook Ask the Expert event
  • You can sponsor a podcast episode or set of podcast episodes on our popular podcast with global reach, Parents in the Know.
  • Direct advertising on the site (*may be offered in the future*)


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