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Book Review – Dave’s Cave

Dave’s Cave (A Dave Book)

Written and Illustrated by Frann Preston-Gannon

It’s book review day and we have a great new picture book for 3-6 year olds for you today. Take a look!

Something to Remember…

 Please always remember that reading is a very individual activity and your child may benefit from simpler or more advanced books than books recommended for their age. Always take your own child’s abilities and development level into account when selecting books for them.

Leafing through this book when it first arrived, I was of two minds. I got the concept, the illustrations were fun but I wasn’t sure about the voice.

But then I read it aloud. And it was so much fun! As soon as I spoke the words, ‘This Dave. This Dave’s Cave. Dave LIKE cave..’ in my best caveman voice, I was hooked – as was my daughter.

I finally got it. Sometimes, my background and stuck-up, high-brow leanings get in my way – and in the way of a cracking good story. As soon as I stopped looking for what makes a good picture book and actually started to read it as it should be read, its quality shone through. (For the record a good picture book requires a great voice – tick. A great rhythm – tick. A great storyline – tick. You get the picture.)

Dave is a caveman with the best cave in the world, or so he thinks at first. It’s got nice green grass and big comfy rocks. But one night he can’t sleep, wondering if there might be an even better cave out there somewhere. So he sets off to find one. But every cave he comes across is not quite right, and he almost gives up when he comes across a cave which is just right – and of course, he’s right back where he started.

With such a simple story, you might think that this book would be good for younger children, but in fact, the concept of recognizing what you’ve got and being content is quite sophisticated and will challenge older kids as it entertains, while the theme might roll over younger children’s heads (though the illustrations and simple journey storyline will still appeal).

The story starts with a quote by T.S. Eliot, for the benefit of the adults reading the story: ‘We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.’ What a great way to introduce this concept to our little ones who are about to leave the comfort of home for school and new adventures for the very first time!

I loved this book. Nuff said.

Our Rating (channeling our love of ice cream, our rating system works the way we like our ice cream: the more scoops the better. Besides, good books should be devoured! 

Best = four scoops):

four scoops icecream

Four scoops! Oh, yeah! Don’t disturb me now, I’m busy…



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