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Being An Informed Parent

What does it mean to be an Informed Parent? 


Being informed means:

informed parent

  • Keeping up to date with new information, studies, research and scientific discoveries that affect how we raise our kids
  • Listening to and learning from other parents who have experienced what we are experiencing, while keeping in mind our own unique situations.


And above all, being informed means:
  • Knowing what questions to ask, when to ask them, and how to seek for the truth behind opinions, media hype and great marketing.


It is so easy for us to read an article, listen to a speaker or watch an interview with a parenting expert, and simply believe everything we are told. Forget parenting, we do this all the time, in every aspect of our lives. An advertisement tells us that this toothpaste works harder to keep your teeth healthy than ‘other brands.’ So we think it’s the best on the market. But actually – how many other brands did they compare it to? And how many of those did it beat? For all we know, the toothpaste in question is the second-worst performer out of fifty options – but the company’s clever marketing department will work to make sure we never know.

informed parentTo help you develop your Informed Parent thinking, I have put together some videos on basic scientific principles, to help you understand why scientific research is (generally) reliable, how scientists seek out the truth, and how you can use scientific principles to develop a questioning mindset and an awareness of what information is worth listening to – and what isn’t.

I have also asked some highly qualified and respected professionals to contribute videos to this collection, so that you get the opportunity to hear different voices and different perspectives on the same topic.

Please take a look at the videos and articles below and let us know here if there’s anything else you’d like to find out more about, and if you have any examples or stories of the scientific method in use (or not used when it should be!).  Please share this page using the links on the right with your social media circles, if you know of anyone who would like to become an Informed Parent. Let’s all support each other to become informed decision makers in this important parenting journey.

The Informed Parent

I’m so excited to present a new book on such an important subject. If you value the truth and getting the facts before making big decisions, this book is for you. The Informed Parent: Applying Evidence-Based Thinking to Your Parenting Journey Do you like to be fully informed, with all the facts, before you make […]

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Great Picture Books for Girls

Great Picture Books for Girls It has come to my mind recently that it is difficult to find good books for girls. That is, books featuring female protagonists doing normal, exciting, adventurous things that don’t involve glitter. Across all age groups, books featuring girls as the main character are three times less likely to appear. […]

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Citizen Scientists and Community Labs

Community Labs – where everyone can do science Here’s a fascinating insight into the rise of community labs and the citizen scientists who work in them. Some seek fame and riches – despite the odds. Others seek to further their own knowledge or the knowledge of the world by asking questions that interest them and […]

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Book Review: The Knowledge Wars

The Knowledge Wars By Peter Doherty It’s book review day and we’re doing something a little different for you today. Our mission at the Parent Resource Centre is to encourage and support parents to become informed. This book was written by a Nobel Prize winning scientist with a similar dream: to help non-scientists understand the science […]

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Becoming a Citizen Scientist

Becoming A Citizen Scientist In the articles and videos on being an Informed Parent, you will have discovered plenty of information on what that label means, how scientists think and behave, and how to develop a questioning mindset and critical thinking skills.   Yawn. Doesn’t exactly sound like a barrel of laughs, does it?   […]

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Parents in the Know Podcast Episode 35 – Interview Special with Ash Manuel

Interview Special with Ash Manuel This is the 35th  episode of my podcast for parents and families who want to be in the know about major parenting concerns and issues. Today,  we have another special episode from our interview series.  An Interview Special with Ash Manuel is the topic under discussion today. You can listen to the podcast […]

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What Does Peer Review Mean?

What does Peer Review mean? (Article) Courtesy of Peter C Doherty at The Conversation     Here is a link to an interesting article on the topic of what ‘Peer-Reviewed’ means when it comes to scientific papers. Sometimes, studies are talked up as ‘peer-reviewed,’ as if that means they are infallible and must be believed. That’s […]

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Scientific Research

Scientific Research – What You Need To Know (Video) Presented by Dr Ash Nayate, Clinical Neuropsychologist     Dr Ash Nayate is a clinical neuropsychologist with many years of experience working with parents and children in hospitals and private practice. Her clear, simple and well laid out explanation of what scientific research is, why it […]

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Amber Teething Necklace: A Case Study

Amber Teething Necklaces: Miracle or Myth? (Article) Courtesy of Amy Ahern     I was fortunate to come across this article recently and Amy from www.handbagmafia.net was kind enough to allow me to link to the article here and provide you with an extract. This is exactly the kind of investigation that we as parents […]

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The Scientific Method

The Scientific Method (6 Part Video Series) Presented by Emily M Morgan   What exactly is the scientific method and why is it useful? Join Emily M Morgan in this 6 part series of short videos to learn what the scientific method is and how it helps scientists (and us) to get to the truth. […]

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