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Meet Our Contributors

Meet the amazing professionals and experts who have contributed their knowledge and expertise to this website in the form of articles, interviews and more.

If you’d like to be a contributor, we recommend that you first take a look at the guidelines on our Contribute page. Then you can go straight to the Contact Us page and get in touch! We love to hear from parents who want to share their personal parenting stories, and professionals who want to share their knowledge and expertise with more parents.


Jan G. Ocampo

Course Facilitator & Administration Assistant for an RTO/Preschool Owner/Writer


Jan Gamboa-Ocampo Image

January G. Ocampo has been working in the education industry in the Philippines for fourteen years before she decided to work from home. During her time as an educator, she had been a classroom teacher, curriculum developer, and eventually an owner of her own preschool. She currently works as a Course Facilitator and Administration Assistant for an RTO based in Perth, Australia. She is also a freelance writer who likes to do research on and write about topics that will make her a better wife and mother.


G. Runo

Educator and Writer

G Runo

G. Runo is an educator, a writer, a mother of two young children and a guardian of five teenagers. She has been a teacher and a curriculum developer for four years. She’s a passionate storyteller who enjoys sharing her parenting and education wisdom with other parents. Follow her on Twitter @grarun20.


Annette Hendley

Sen Tutor at Ilford Country High/Marketing & Management

Annette Hendley image

Find out more about Annette Hendley at www.annettehendley.com.


Dr. Ash Nayate


Ash Nayate image

Dr Ash is a clinical neuropsychologist, which means that she specializes in brain function and how it influences behaviour. She has been working with kids and families for almost 15 years, including at the major children’s hospitals in Melbourne. Ash is an author and speaker, as well as being a mum to a rambunctious toddler. Her website is www.revolutionme.com.au.


Christine Smith

Professional Online Writer

Christine Smith Headshot

Christine Smith is a professional online writer with a Bachelor’s degree in Management and Entrepreneurship. She left her home in the United States to live abroad, where she met her husband and started a family. They currently live in Kenya with their young son.


Elizabeth Butler

English Teacher and Writer

elizabeth butler image

Elizabeth Butler is a 6th grade English teacher, a free-lance writer, and the lucky mother of three spunky souls. She travels with her family and documents their adventures on her blog wejustwent.com.


Jigna Doshi


Jigna Doshi headshot

Jigna is Kuala Lumpur girl who lives with the best guy she knows. She loves her life where she wears multiple hats – between running a preschool, playing mummy to two teens and co-running a fusion vegetarian restaurant, she loves to fill up whatever free time she has in the world of writing. Trying her hand at Muay Thai, Yoga or Pilates depending on what bores her the least at the time, she never tires of the treks of India and Nepal when she gets time to sneak out of this thing called LIFE!


Kathryn Pearson

EFT Practitioner

kathryn pearson image

Kathryn Pearson is an EFT practitioner specializing in helping teens and young women combat stress, anxiety, fear and worry. Her mission is to give the next generation the confidence and tools to break free from negative thinking and be able to follow their dreams. Kathryn aims to inspire and empower teens, parents and young women the world over.

Since discovering that she and her daughter are both Highly Sensitive personality types, Kathryn hopes to bring more awareness to parents and young people about how to manage sensitivity and thrive in the modern world. She is also passionate about meditation and yoga for young people and is *almost* a qualified Teen Yoga practitioner.

Visit her website: www.kathrynpearson.co.uk or email her: kathrynpearsoneft@gmail.com. You can visit her blog: www.kathrynpearsoneft.blogspot.co.uk or follow her on Instagram: kathryn_pearson.


Linda Nuyts

Inspirational Writer

Linda Nuyts Image

Linda is a single mother of 4 and inspirational writer. Living in Belgium and enjoying life to the fullest!

Find out more about Linda at the links below (though you’d better be able to speak Dutch!).

Blog: www.jouwinspiraties.be

Facebook page: www.facebook.com/levenmethartenziel


Michele Hartle

Work-from-Home Mom

M Hartle

Michele is a work-from-home mom who continually strives to live an intentional life, to learn something from everyone she meets, and to be a better person tomorrow than she was today.  She and her husband of 18 years are raising two children in North Carolina and having fun doing so.  She loves cooking, dreaming of traveling, chocolate, laughter, autumn, elephants, and puns.


Nicole Kofkin

Founder of Smart Au Pairs

Nicole Kofkin image

Nicole Kofkin started Smart Au Pairs after realising there was a gap in the market for affordable child care. Having lived and worked in 6 countries before settling in Australia, she set up her au pair agency in Sydney to help working families with affordable childcare solutions. She is a firm believer that working parents can successfully balance a career and family life with the right help.


Sherry Brantley

Author of STEPP

Sherry Brantley Image

Sherry Brantley taught parenting classes for Michigan State Universities ‘Building Strong Families’ program. She is the owner of STEPP-Start To Exercise Personal Power. She is the author of several books, including “Choices—The Power Is Within You.”  S.T.E.P.P.’s Mission Statement: To assist people to make positive choices in their lives on a daily basis to effect positive change by tapping into and utilizing their Personal Power while accepting and respecting the Personal Power of others.  Sherry resides in Scottsdale, Arizona, U.S.A.



Aida Martins

Single Mother and Writer



Aida Martins lives in Kenya and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in the field of Psychology and is a busy single mother to twins. In her free time she likes to write and help out in her local community centers.





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