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Welcome to our awesome team of administrators, writers, editors and contributors. Meet the people responsible for creating, updating and managing the website and community right here. And if you’d like to find out more about our amazing expert contributors, check out the Meet Our Contributors page as well!


Emily M Morgan

Founder and CEO of the Parent Resource Centre


Emily headshot


Emily is a single mother by choice, a thinker, a learner and a teacher. That means she is bossy and always has her nose stuck in a book!

Her passions are helping parents to make great parenting decisions based on clear evidence, and inspiring people to aim higher and achieve more than they believed they could.

Emily M Morgan is a dynamic and professional speaker and seminar presenter. Find out more about Emily’s keynotes and seminars and get her involved in your event here.

Emily’s story and articles have been featured in podcasts, documentaries, magazines and great websites for parents. Find out more here.

Emily lives in beautiful Tasmania, Australia, with her cheeky but adorable daughter and son. She loves to travel and looks forward to introducing her children to her favorite spots around the world.  At the end of the day, she loves to come home, where beauty and inspiration abound. Emily has an abiding passion for history and culture. She holds a Master of Applied Linguistics and loves to delve deep into the workings and changing nature of language and languages.


Emily is the author of 4 Inspirational Journals for Parents and Grandparents6 Coloring Journals, 7 Adult Coloring Books and several short stories.  She has written articles for several parenting magazines and websites in addition to her work at the Parent Resource Centre, and is currently working on a book to help long distance parents stay connected to their kids, and a new book in her Single Parents’ Little Helper series.

Visit Emily’s site, www.emilymmorgan.com, for more information about Emily’s writing and non-parenting interests.



Jenn Mendoza

Website Wrangler/Administration Artiste/Social Media Sensation/Magnificent Mama


Jenn Mendoza Image


Jenn C. Mendoza is a self-driven, loving, and fashionable entrepreneur Mom.

She lives in Manila, Philippines and currently works as an Executive Assistant in a construction company as well as running the Parent Resource Centre.

Her family and friends call her Jenn. She is happily married to Ray and they have a very beautiful daughter, Samantha. Jenny also has four lovely Shih-Tzu dogs -Macky, Kobe, Hachi, and Spot.

When she is not working, she loves spending time with her family, especially eating all kinds of food including her daughter’s left-overs, playing at the park, walking the dogs, and of course shopping…

Aside from her family, she has a great love for dogs, reading inspirational books, and she is very addicted to fashion, everything including bags, make-up, clothes, and more.





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